Mental health is a fundamental component of health, yet recognition of mental disorders and awareness about its importance is limited. At Upminders, we are on a mission to spread this much-needed awareness, through our campaign to sell 1 Million Magnets.
These magnets, placards, posters and other related items that are available now in our online shop, offer encouragement to all who receive them. They are also a source of inspiration and  funding to provide support for those who are battling depression, fighting doubt, and seeking help. The stigma and lack of understanding about mental disorders are major barriers to finding much-needed help and promoting better mental health. We at Upminders aim to increase understanding and overcoming stigma through strategic communications and social mobilization, and by raising funds to help organizations take those crucial steps towards strengthening mental health programs. 
Join us in our mission of 1 Million Magnets for Mental health by giving the gift of encouragement to your loved ones.